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Sussex 7s Series


Sussex 7s Series Ticketing Terms and Conditions
1.    These terms and conditions (“the Terms”) cover all tickets sold, donated, gifted or otherwise provided by BMDM Events and Media Limited (“BMDM”) to you (“the Attendee”) for a leg of the Sussex 7s Series or the Launch Party (either known as the “Event”).
2.            The Terms incorporate, and should be read together with BMDM's ticketing provider’s terms or regulations, save that where there is any discrepancy the Terms shall apply.
3.            Headings used in these Terms are inserted for convenience only and have no legal effect and shall be ignored in the interpretation of these Terms.
Entry to the Event and areas
4.            BMDM and its authorised agents retain the right to refuse the admission of the Attendee to the Event and subject to that right, the Attendee can only gain access to areas of the Event for which the Attendee holds a valid ticket and for which they are wearing the correct wristband (or valid permit).
5.            If the Attendee has lost or misplaced their wristbands, or otherwise breached these Terms, it may result in the Attendee being evicted from the Event (or area within the Event), without any refund.
6.            BMDM or its Venue providers operates the Challenge 25 strategy and if the Attendee looks under 25, you will be required to prove that you are over 18 to purchase alcohol and enter some parts of the Event.

Age Policy
7.            Attendees under the age of 18 are not permitted to attend the Event without an adult, who must also have a valid ticket. The Event may not be suitable for young children. All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder (aged 18 or over) who must remain on site throughout the event as the under 16-year-old’s guardian. We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18s on site

Prohibited Items

8.            Unless otherwise stated, the Attendee shall not bring any of the following items to the Event and any failure to abide by this will lead to their confiscated without compensation by either BMDM, the Venue, or authorised 3rd-Party:
·         Alcohol
·         Glass bottles or containers (does not include perfume bottles etc)
·         Nitrous oxide and associated equipment
·         Camping gas canisters or barbecues
·         Paint spray cans
·         Laser equipment
·         Generators
·         Fireworks, flares or any other pyrotechnics
·         Smoke canisters
·         Chinese lanterns
·         Klaxons, air horns, megaphones or other items capable of making loud noise
·         Any animals (with the exception of assistance dog for the benefit of the Attendee)
·         Unauthorised professional photography, film or video equipment (including drones)
9.            If the Attendee is in possession of anything illegal, including, without limitation, drugs, weapons, they will be reported to the police and immediately evicted from the Event by either BMDM, the Venue, or authorised 3rd-Party.
10.           The Attendee acknowledges to ensure compliance with these conditions, they or their possessions may be searched.
11.          The Attendee gives their express consent for their actual or simulated likeness to be included, without royalty payment in any audio or visual recording used for any marketing, promotional, security purpose, or to assist with the prevention of crime.
12.          The Attendee shall not use any Sussex 7s Series materials without prior written consent.
13.          The Attendee agrees to the use of, or sharing, reposting, or aggregating of any media posted on any website or social media about the Event by BMDM, and shall grant to BMDM a royalty free, non-revocable licence to use any such media.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
14.          The Attendee acknowledges that all purchases made from BMDM are non-refundable, in any circumstances, after the point of sale.
15.          Further the Attendee acknowledges that BMDM shall not be liable for refunds due to, without limitation, cancellation caused by adverse weather conditions, civil unrest, terrorism, national mourning, the non-performance of any act, the spread communicable diseases, including without limitation, covid-19, or other novel coronaviruses.
16.          If an Event detailed in clause 15 occurs, the Attendee acknowledges that their ticket to the Event shall be valid for any rescheduled date, or for another leg of the Series (provided it is within the same calendar year).
Ticket Resale

17.          The Attendee is not permitted to sell or transfer their ticket to another person or third-party without using an approved third party that is the Event’s exclusive re-sell partner. Any person or third-party found to be re-selling Event tickets is liable for damages and prosecution.
18.          The Attendee acknowledges that rugby players, rugby teams, musicians, and any other billed attractions may be subject to change or withdrawn without prior notice.
19.          The Attendee is not authorised to trade at the Event without prior authorisation from BMDM.
20.          The Attendee acknowledges that the use of professional recording, photographic equipment, including drones is not permitted without a licence from BMDM.
21.          The Attendee shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation restrictions on smoking within enclosed spaces.
22.          The Attendee acknowledges that exposure to loud music may damage their hearing.
23.          The Attendee acknowledges that effects used in performances may include pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting/special effects.
24.          The Attendee shall attend the Event at their own risk and shall not hold BMDM liable for any personal or property damages, losses (including confiscated items) or injuries sustained at this Event as allowed by law.  
25.          The Attendee acknowledges that BMDM may vary these Terms by publishing the revision on the Event website prior to the Event.
Governing law
29.          The Terms are governed by the courts of England and Wales and their courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over these Terms and any matters arising out of the Event.

30.          The Attendee agrees to any changes to these terms and conditions at any time.


Disabled Facilities are dependent on each venue with information available on request – please email 

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If any of these T&Cs are unclear, please email  

Last updated: 29th March 2024

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